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NEDTEQ is a young international operating company that can bring solutions to any Production Process or product  by taking a step back and review what is going on, under stand what knowledge is available and get creativity going.

We believe Creativity is Driven by Diversity in Knowledge and so the birth place of Innovative Solutions

A strong network of independent specialists define our core, we select the right people for the job that have the mindset to finish what they started.

Creativity Driven by Diversity in Knowledge

Innovation and creative solutions comes from combining knowledge, current technologies and 40 simple guidelines, we at NEDTEQ believe that any production challenge has an innovative and creative solution that brings it to that next level of performance. NEDTEQ can bring that next step.


Smart ideas, innovative steps or just preventing things from happening, for any challenge a solution


Bringing that legacy equipment back to the right performance and maintained by available spare parts and service


New ideas to concept, final engineered solutions that with fits your product or process


Special equipment build that has those features that make fit just for your process, that "first time right" feeling


Project Manage your challenges or just organize an event to find a solution for that returning issue

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